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In March of 2005, Christopher Compton started producing movies with his upstart, Fifth Floor Pictures Co. Today, he is the Senior Managing Member of Fifth Floor Pictures, LLC and is the Chief Executive of the company. Brandon Craig joined the company in 2006 as VP and was promoted to President of the company in 2008. Craig is also a Managing Member of the LLC. Compton and Craig are not only responsible for all business affairs, but are the producers who develop and produce the projects conceived at Fifth Floor.

So, what does Fifth Floor do? We are in the business of movie development and production independently and/or through collaboration with various entertainment and private entities. Fifth Floor's mission is to become a leading independent motion picture production company. In 2011, Fifth Floor launched its commercial media division, Fifth Floor Media Group, a project that had been in the making since 2009.

Other than key attachments, much of the cast and crew for our projects come from the DFW metroplex, which has a direct, positive impact on the talent pool available in the area and creates jobs for Texas industry professionals. All features produced at Fifth Floor premiere in Dallas, before anywhere else, further stimulating the Texas film industry.

We have made it our primary goal to bring high quality entertainment, not only to Texas, but to the entire world, whether you see our movies at an art-house theater, large multi-screen cineplex, on DVD/Blu-ray, or another home entertainment medium. Please note that Fifth Floor Pictures is not a film finance company and all projects produced at Fifth Floor are currently developed from within. Therefore, Fifth Floor Pictures does not accept screenplay submissions at this point in time.

Christopher Compton

Mr. Compton oversees the day-to-day operations and strategic direction of the company. On the production side of business, he is a writer, director, producer, and editor of films produced at Fifth Floor Pictures.

Brandon Craig

Mr. Craig oversees production, marketing, and general business of the company. Creatively, he is one of Dallas' most talented actors, and behind the camera he is a Producer and Visual FX Supervisor for films produced at Fifth Floor Pictures.

Jai Codrington

Bio Coming Soon.

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