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[film_discover style_discover=”2″ image=”2709″ title_section=”Your Vision, Simplified” small_title=”FIFTH FLOOR MEDIA GROUP” short_description=”CONNECT WITH CUSTOMERS AND CLIENTS BY UTILIZING FFMG’S MEDIA PRODUCTION SERVICES.”]Charged with delivering messages that connect with customers, Fifth Floor Media Group produces unparalleled content for our clients, globally. FFMG content is developed and produced by the creative principals within the Fifth Floor studio system. When you work with FFMG you are realizing your vision for your firm and we’re making it simple for you.[/film_discover]
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[film_service name_service=”Commercial” icon_service=”be-8be” border_service=”box-content-hover” description_service=”Connect with customers through a Local/Regional, National or Global FFMG Commercial production.”]
[film_service name_service=”Industrial” icon_service=”be-4be” border_service=”box-content-hover” description_service=”Reach employees and clients with a Training, Corporate, Exhibition, Trade Show or Internal Use content production.”]
[film_service name_service=”Non-Profit Organizations” icon_service=”be-37be” border_service=”box-content-hover” description_service=”Partner with us to provide your organization with a steady supply of content to help you reach your audience.”]
[film_service name_service=”Agencies” icon_service=”be-20be” border_service=”box-content-hover” description_service=”We work closely with your Creative to provide production services for your clients, delivering a final product that meets their needs.


[film_service name_service=”Digital / Web” icon_service=”be-24be” border_service=”box-content-hover” description_service=”If your customers are online, we can help you reach them with packages specifically designed for the digital space.”]
[film_service name_service=”Real Estate” icon_service=”be-36be” border_service=”box-content-hover” description_service=”FFMG has production packages geared specifically to the Real Estate industry. Contact us for more details on our Real Estate packages.”]
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