Soulbrite/Tree Top on GOOSEBERRIES, BACK STAGE Franchise, LEAVING TOWN 10/21

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Soulbrite/Tree Top on GOOSEBERRIES, BACK STAGE Franchise, LEAVING TOWN 10/21

Dallas music producers Soulbrite and Tree Top have signed on to remaster the ‘Gooseberries’ audio track before it is sent out late next week to the second round of film festivals.

Fifth Floor will possibly be trying out a new, experimental, promotional segment featured on the site and at Dallas area promotional parties and functions aimed at Fifth Floor projects. The segment, tentatively titeld ‘Back Stage’, will run about 10 or 15 minutes and will feature a behind the scenes look at upcoming projects, the first being ‘The Van Zandt Shakedown’. “With the schedule being pushed as much as it is, the ‘Van Zandt’ promo film is now highly unlikely. It’s not to say it won’t happen if need be, it’s just not very economical at this point for Fifth Floor Pictures”, said Christopher Compton.

Production on ‘Leaving Town’ is still slated for November 6, 2006. As of today, that is concrete; it will take a lot for that to change, according to Fifth Floor Pictures.

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