LEAVING TOWN 9/19, Compton/Myers Shorts, FFP Media

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LEAVING TOWN 9/19, Compton/Myers Shorts, FFP Media

Production of ‘Leaving Town’ pauses as lead actor Drew Waters goes back to work on Lifetime’s ‘Inspector Mom’ series, but will resume after October 7th, with the possibility of some shooting taking place early next week. Overall, ‘Leaving Town’ looks to wrap around the middle of next month, despite being previously slated to wrap on September 13th. Actor Eric Kellner, who is an avid horror fan, is regularly involved with Dallas area haunted houses. With Halloween being just over a month away, this may push the production of ‘Leaving Town’ into November, which will inevitably push the entire Fifth Floor production schedule even more. “We would rather it go into November and have a great product in the end, than to rush it and have a poor one. If it takes two months, it takes two months”, said director Chad Myers. “You should never force anything in this business. We would have loved to finish last week, but we didn’t. Everyone involved in the project is behind us and our decision making. We have a great cast and crew who are having a lot of fun and in a couple of months, we’ll have a great little piece of entertainment for you”, was the statement from producer Christopher Compton. All is well on the home front is the word from the Fifth Floor camp.

An unofficial announcement comes from Chad Myers and Christopher Compton, that ‘Leaving Town’ will be their final short film. There were earlier rumors about the duo producing and directing Anton Chekhov’s ‘A Man in a Case’ and ‘About Love’ to complete Chekhov’s ‘Little Trilogy’ (1898), but nothing new has come of it as they await the results of ‘Gooseberries’ the second installment in the trilogy, completed in July 2006, directed by Christopher Compton, and stars Jodie Moore, Richard Keller, Laura Leither, and Dave Carnell.

More teasers/trailers can be seen on the newly updated Media page. This page will be going through many updates throughout the week of September 18th thru the 22nd. The page will feature videos in Windows Media and QuickTime formats for easier viewing. If you are unable to view the current QuickTime teaser or trailer featured on the home page, visit the Media page for the Windows Media version.

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